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Ignore filter for OutLine

OK, simple ignore filter can be implemented in the outline view, fetching a list of members that members add to their ignore list.  I need to add a where clause that states "and owner_id not in ignore list."


        if($sWhereModuleFilter == '') {

$aHidden = $this->_oConfig->getHandlersHidden(CH_WALL_VIEW_OUTLINE);

$sWhereModuleFilter = "AND `th`.`outline`='1' AND `th`.`id` NOT IN ('" . implode("','", $aHidden) . "') ";



$sJoinClause = "LEFT JOIN `Profiles` AS `tp` ON `te`.`owner_id`=`tp`.`ID`";

$sWhereClause .= "AND `tp`.`Status`='Active' ";

                $sWhereClause .= isset($aParams['filter']) ? $this->_getFilterAddon($aParams['owner_id'], $aParams['filter']) : '';

                $sWhereClause .= $sWhereModuleFilter;

                $sOrderClause = isset($aParams['order']) ? "ORDER BY `te`.`date` " . strtoupper($aParams['order']) : "";

                $sLimitClause = isset($aParams['count']) ? "LIMIT " . $aParams['start'] . ", " . $aParams['count'] : "";




The wall module has the ability to filter out posts from the OutLine if they are set to "Friends Only" and I am not a friend of the owner of the content.  I don't see how that is handled by the wall module; can anyone provide some assistance?


The exception would be forum posts simply because they are a part of a thread and the post may be relevant.

Forums are also viewed as open to all, public posts, as in a Town Square sort of thing.  I think you can hide posts in the current forum.  I need to see about the PK Forum; I did have it working under Cheetah.  I think the creators of PK Forum might be willing to donate the forum to Cheetah as a replacement for the current forum.

I may look at the Outline code to see if I can block posts from view for those that have blocked members. 


I was intending, that is when i get to improving all of the privacy settings, that all traces of that member should be hidden when the member is blocked.

The exception would be forum posts simply because they are a part of a thread and the post may be relevant.


I was thinking about this some more and instead of adding a new filter, maybe when you block someone, it also hides any posts they make from you as well.  Some members wanted a separate filter because they may want to still see posts from a member they have blocked.  

I wonder what is the easiest here?

I decided to open this in the forum's General Discussions board instead of requesting it be added as a feature. 

Here is something that I get requested from my members.  I started looking into it myself but too busy.  They want to be able to ignore certain members so their posts do not appear to them in the OutLine (and maybe other blocks such as the Blogs block, etc.)   In the OutLine, you still see the title and an excerpt of the post and the member's thumb.  Some members can be a bit annoying.  Blocking a member does not block their content in the OutLIne, it will still show up to members that just don't want that person to appear to them.  Is it possible to add an ignore filter to the OutLine so that members can "ignore" other members?