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I wish!

Great to see you have the Suggestions  module running Admin. Hopefully it will become the most popular section on the site. 

For those members who don't know about the module, it was donated by Modzzz and converted to work on Cheetah by Deano. You can access it by hitting the Feedback button on the right of your screen or selecting Suggestions from the More menu option.

A very positive response from Modzzz. I've already PM'd Deano, but feel Modzzz's reply should remain private other than Modzzz has donated the Suggestions Module.


Don't really want to upset him because i am hoping he will convert his modules to cheetah and sell them in the market here as well.

I communicated with Modzzz several days ago; maybe longer as time gets away from me.  Modzzz told me that he is interested in making his modules compatible with Cheetah but that he is also going to work on modules for UNA as well as Wordpress.  He does not want to commit to just one platform as he did in the past.  I don't blame him there but of course that will mean that he will be busier coding. 

I haven't spoken to Modzzz about it, but I promised I'd purchase some modules if he helped me repair my site which does have a few problems. I actually don't need many new modules but I made the offer to help him financially and also help myself. I need to contact him in a day or two and I'll put the proposal forward. Maybe if you give Modzzz credit at the top of the module's home page he'll go along with it, especially if it gives him an opportunity to sell stuff to your newer members.


I'd even be happy to donate  a  legit copy of Modzzz' Suggestions module if you think that would help but I think you may need something better.

I would be fine using that module. I Am almost finished with this site. The freelancer section is just about done. The other section i need to complete is the translators section, and that can be done in other ways for now. I don't really need to create a special section for that role. I may need to add the ability to allow the exchange of files between me and the members privately which can be done using private albums in the files module which i just installed.

Using a prewritten module would save me time i can spend on cheetah. I can always modify it if i should need additional functionality. Have you asked Modzzz if it can be used on this site? Don't really want to upset him because i am hoping he will convert his modules to cheetah and sell them in the market here as well.

Admin, you are welcome to delete this post and reformat it in some other way.  I'd even be happy to donate  a  legit copy of Modzzz' Suggestions module if you think that would help but I think you may need something better.

We've all had a love/hate relationship with Dolphin over the years and we've all been critical of  the Boonex team for being focused on what I believe, was pressure from a Russian consortium to only do things that helped their dating sites. Thus UNA!

A similar problem happened with Oxwall which was also funded by another consortium of dating sites. In both cases, we were just the Beta Testers.

I dearly hope that Cheetah addresses the million and one problems Boonex failed to acknowledge, like the thousands of lines of useless legacy code in the database. Just tidying up that mess will be a huge job in itself, but I'm sure your supporters will also wish for thousands of improvements to the user interface as well.

Can we have an area where our members can make suggestions to improve the Cheetah Core? I see in GitHub that you've already mentioned a complete revamp of the Photos module and that's a fantastic start. Unfortunately it's also a huge job, but there are other little tweaks like your current "Timeout" feature that you can possibly add rather quickly to make Cheetah sing.

You're welcome to use my Random Cover hack --- and I'll even supply the user guide. That should take you five minutes to add.

There's several ways you could go about collecting suggestions and one novel way could be Crowd Funding.  Possibly your members could put up a suggestion and pledge to pay (say) $5-10 when it's implemented. Others could then vote with a similar pledge and when the stakes are high enough, you or someone else could implement the feature and then demand to be paid cool.

As an example, I feel that one of the biggest setbacks with Dolphin is the profile. Many sites ask their members to create extensive profiles because that's the easiest way for members to find real friends. As such, profiles can become very long. Elgg and Oxwall both overcame this problem by offering Profile Tabs which allowed admins to design profiles that ran over many pages. I have a TAB system on my working site which has separate pages for General info, Interests, Location etc. and it works fine. The problem is, the designer now wants $65 for the module and it's not easy to install. Another problem with the script is it doesn't cover the Profile Edit page, which can end up being several metres long as well. The issue there is that a person can fill out the long form and then forget to save it.

I'm a great believer in Crowd Funding because it makes people put their money where their mouth is. I'm guessing there will be cheats, thus I'm suggesting that any major tweak should be created like an "extension"  or module so that only paying members can access it. The thing is, it doesn't pay to be greedy. That was Boonex's undoing and you can't allow it to happen to you.  A lot of research has been done on the Internet about the pricing of e-books and scripts and there is a point where people refuse to pay. I sold computer games when piracy was at its peak, but I still managed to sell them because I made them affordable.

Before I end up writing a book, I pledge $10 towards a half-decent Profile Tab Script if it's an extension, which is probably best because not everyone will want it.