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How Do We Sort Albums.

I've resolved the problem by recreating the albums in the reverse order they need to appear.

If the site is public/members and some of the albums are Members or Friends only, they appear on the public site as a blank box named Private Album. Why allow the box to appear at all. It would be best if members only albums were treated like empty albums and not appear in public areas. Another Boonex legacy.

I've never worried before, but I'm also thinking about people who want to keep their albums in date or alphabetical order. It looks like I'll have to move the photos to a safe album, delete the existing albums and redo the in the correct order. In my case, that won't be easy because I may need to produce an intermediate album down the track. Thanks.

As far as i can tell, the order cannot be changed. I'll have to add a order field and a way to change the order in one of the future versions.

The Photos module allows us to sort sort or organise photos, but I also need to do this with albums?

I have a series of Albums showing (1) Unpacking (2) Assembly (3) Construction (4) Operation. It's not always possible to create the albums in the correct sequence, so I need to reorganise them later. Is there some way I can manipulate the sequence in the database, or do I need to plan more carefully?