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Here's a Good One

I use Tiny File Manager which I find excellent.  I use ISPConfig and it's one of the few Control Panels that don't have their own file manager. I installed Tiny File Manager in my Dolphin root and called it manager.php. It's just a matter of entering https://dolphinroot/manager and it\s there. I suggested that ISPConfig add it to their script, but they said the licensing agreement didn't allow them to do so. As it turned out, the author of Tiny File Manager also uses ISPConfig and he saw my post. He gave them permission to use the script and said he'd change the licensing agreement as soon as he could. The script is a single  190k php file.

I have added a issue to the repo to work on this later.

I can build a Cheetah native file manager complete with a tinymce plugin to provide urls to File, Photo and Video album content.

Right now i am involved in a couple of big Cheetah projects. One is the removal of the flash apps, the other is a replacement video chat and IM.

So it will be a while before i can get to this one.


File manager.  What we need is to find a nice open source file manager that can easily be added.  I have done this over the years and I had issues installing some of them without a lot of conflicts with Dolphin; one of the better ones that I used was flash based so that one is no longer an option and the developer has shown no interest in coding a new one.  Boonex was no help but if we find one that is nice, has the features needed, I am sure we can work with Deano on having it work with Cheetah.  Boonex got a license agreement with Moxie file manager to allow licensed Dolphin users to add it to their sites but of course Deano can't afford such.

When adding text content in blogs, profile page, groups or elsewhere we sometimes want to add an image that we have on file (already uploaded to the site).

I know it's easy enough to find the image location and add the URL in, but not all users know that.

It would make more sense for them to use a photo on file (that has already been uploaded). Lots of places have this capability so it shouldn't be that hard to implement.

Just a thought.

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