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Gremlins? - New Member Notifications

Sorry for being so long with the update, but other things have eaten into my life. It seems there was a huge number of people (possibly bots) that got through the first stage, but never bothered with the second. I've written to most to ask why, but haven't received a single response. My emails are being delivered as best I can tell, so I guess they lost interest, or were bots. I've since received a few new members, but things are generally quiet.

I also just remembered this.

I think your using sendinblue for a outbound. I believe i remember discussing that with you.

They are now Brevo.

Sendinblue/Brevo has logs in the transactional section of all emails sent. Should show if the message was delivered, read and i believe it also know if a mail was replied to.

EDIT: Actually no. no replies tracked as a replys go though their outbound. But at least you will know if the message was received and if it was opened.

EDIT: And i should also point out that you need to log into your account there at least once every 3 months. I found out the hard way that they suspend accounts that are not logged into on a regular basis.

In the database in the Profiles table is a field called Status.

If it says unconfirmed, then they have not confirmed their email. The dashboard uses this field and there are no other indicators other than that field.

Also check your moderation settings in admin and see if Enable notification about new members is checked.

In the recent past I've been receiving site generated emails to say a new member has joined. In the past I received these messages when the prospective member confirmed their email address, but it now seems the emails are generated when the person signs up (step one).


When I go to the dashboard, no new members are awaiting activation, but the list of unconfirmed members is growing. I'm concerned that the people are confirming their emails, but the dashboard isn't reflecting this.


I've made no changes to the site for months, but the email notifications have been recent. As my email account is isn't showing any confirmation emails, is there another way I can check to see if the people have confirmed their address?