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Google Map Replacement

I will be eventually replacing Google Maps with something else. Same reason. Googles credit card requirement which i refuse to do.

I realize most alternatives don't work well in all areas, but we also don't know if Google Maps is accurate for every country either.

However, the existing google maps module will be retained for download and hopefully a third party developer will be interested in taking over maintaining the google maps module. And perhaps other developers will do even more map alternatives.

Thats the great thing about modules vs built in features. Things can be replaced when using modules to suit your own needs or area.

Google maps is garbage, we need another alternative here in the USA.

I think it comes down to the places you're trying to cover. Deano was discussing a different public contribution API some time ago, but the maps are either inaccurate or non-existent for most regional cities in Australia. Therefore my choice is Google Maps or nothing really. My current Dolphin site is running on Google Maps and I haven't lodged a credit card number yet. I'm not sure how it will transfer to Cheethah, but the maps are a luxury for me and I can do without them.

I don't like Google as a company in the first place; they went from do no evil to be as evil as possible as their motto.  Now they are requesting you to place a credit card on file with them is another reason I don't want to use them.  So what are others doing for mapping?  I thought about looking at MapQuest's API for a mapping module.