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German Court Rules Websites Embedding Google Fonts

A regional court in the German city of Munich has ordered a website operator to pay €100 in damages for transferring a user's personal data — i.e., IP address — to Google via the search giant's Fonts library without the individual's consent.

If you want to use fonts other than the standard ones found on user's machines on your websites, you can store the font on your server and access it from there. The process is easy; you do need to included several versions of the font for compatibility across different platforms. This practice of just pulling things in from Google or other repositories has always been a bad practice. I remember a couple of years back where websites were breaking all over the net because they were linking to js code in a remote repository instead of storing the js code locally on the server. The repository removed the js code and bam, websites broke in the millions. I think the repository put the code back but it underlined the bad practice of just linking.