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Future of Jquery UI

Yes, I had read up on jquery awhile back due to an issue I was having that I thought was due to outdated jquery.  I noticed at the time that no, there was no updated jquery.


Not sure how many developers have noticed this. So i thought i would bring it up. The Jquery Mobile Library is being depreciated, and Jquery UI apparently released it's first update in over 5 years and most likely the last update it will get on Oct 7, 2021.

Jquery Itself still seems to be going strong, but it's other projects appear to be suffering from lack of developers and funding.

I will need to rethink the future of jquery UI's use in cheetah on later versions. Cheetah lacks mobile touch support in a few UI elements so i will be looking into other JavaScript libraries for future use in cheetah. I have been looking at other libraries for quite some time now anyway for planned improvements i want to make with the admin builders.