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Friends Block

Thanks Deano. You're a legend! Looks great on the PC and phone.



Ah. I did not see that. Ok. Look for this in templates\base\css\member_panel.css line 15.

div.sys-account-friend:first-child {
    margin-top: 0px;

And change to this.

div.sys-account-friend:first-child {
    margin-top: 10px;



That fixed it, but the 2nd and third columns are not aligned vertically. 

It's not important but I'm raising it for what it's worth. I'm also not concerned about the count. I mentioned it to show you  our blocks were different. It looks like the first item is too high. Everything else seems to be aligned okay.

Many thanks.


Ok. The block on the account page can be fixed by editing templates\base\css\member_panel.css

Look for this at line 10

div.sys-account-friend {
    position: relative;

Replace with this.

div.sys-account-friend {
    position: relative;
    float: left;

I am still looking into the rest of the blocks on other pages to make sure they work. Need to find them all.

Also the number of friends that shows in my header only appears on the block that is on the profile page, and may actually be a custom mod i did for this site. Another thing i need to look into.

Thanks Deano.

Ok. This should just be a simple template and CSS modification. However i have to go to work right now, so i will resume my research later tonight when i get home from work.

Hmm. Ok. I'll have to dig a little further.

Edit. Just added a block to the account page, and that block is not multi column.

This is a new install. I downloaded the script ten minutes ago and it only has the Photos module installed. It's the same as every other test installation I I've had and identical to a Dolphin site I have (had) for testing purposes. I've never seen the friends block multi column since I've been using the script. Definitely no friend count after My Friends.

It would be good if other members could also comment on these issues rather than leaving it to Deano. That's what forums are for. Is your friends block one or multi column? Y/N.

I also notice your header has the number of friends after it. Mine doesn't.

My guess is something is modifying how the block works.


It's in my account, but I just tried it on the home page and it's the same.

Oddly, I asked this same question on the Boonex forum in 2019 and GG was the only one to answer.  I also have the Modzzz module Who Viewed Me and it has two columns at present. I'm wondering if that module is affecting Friends.

I have the thumb/name set to 250px. Yours is 240 px. My block is 760 wide so I should get two columns. I can reduce the width but it doesn't change anything except crunch up stuff. That part I can play with, but it's not allowing additional columns to appear.

I'm about to head off to bed so an instant answer isn't needed.

I also notice your header has the number of friends after it. Mine doesn't. 

The one on the profile page here was in the narrow column on the left side. I moved it to the right side and set the column width to about 810px. The block became 3 columns wide there.

Based on what i see in your screen shot, a block that wide should have at least 2 columns it it. So i am guessing there may be something wrong with the css in your custom template.

What page is this screenshot from?

Based on the current width of the blocks that hold the info, and the fact that they are floated, it should automatically adjust to 2 or 3 columns depending on the width of the block.

Like this one does.

Can the Friends Block be modified easily to allow for two or three columns instead of one. If a member is a "Friend Collector", this single column will become very long before the "Next Page" button appears. (If it exists.)