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Forum showing topic new posts even after visiting

OK, don't worry about it.  I have actually modified the forum using a module from that "other" site.  I was told I could play with the PKForum code as well but haven't had time.  That will need to be updated to PHP7 and I am way too busy to work on it at the moment.  The Orca forum is outdated but the guy needed to replace his vBulletin.


I think it's the forums, but i have messed with the forums on this site so much that it could just be here. I am not certain. I have not looked into it yet. Too much to do, not enough time.

Deano; I see the forum is still showing threads as having new posts even if you have visited and read the posts.  Is this an issue with the forum?  I have a Cheetah site (v 1.1.0) that I administer that is using the forum and I am curious if it will do the same?