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Forced Login

It's fine and the remember me can be handled by the browser password manager.

Yea, there won't be anything i can do about tab closing anyhow. It's how the browser handles cookies. It won't remove session cookies until the browser is closed.

That works well so far on the test site. If I close the tab and and open a new one, the site stays open, but when the browser is closed I have to log in. That's what I want.


Older dolphin versions used to have a remember me on the login form. The latest version no longer has it. It defaults to on which is 30 days. I will work on that as well at some point.

For now you can edit inc\

Look for this at abount line 521

$iCookieTime = $bRememberMe ? time() + 24*60*60*30 : 0;

Change to this.

$iCookieTime = 0;



That should prevent the browser from saving the cookie when it's closed.



Is there an easy way to force members to login every time? 

Maybe I'm missing a setting, but if I close the site by closing a browser tab, I can come back days later and access my profile without logging in. This worries me because people would have access to the site on a shared computer. 

Some sites expect you to login again even if you accidentally close the browser tab. Others seem to give you 60 seconds and that's probably okay.

I want to force people to login for every session. They can always user the Browser Password Manager if they want instant access.

Some sites also have a Remember Me box.