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Editing Pop Up Boxes

Thanks, Deano.

Arrived safely in Hungary.

What I really wanted to do was change titles and re-order them.

I'll have another look in a day or too. Mighty hot here. - The Online Guide to Travel

The member menu is extremely complex. Boonex likes to do some things the hard way it seems. Some of what they do does reduce the size of the overall code. But makes things very hard to figure out.

The member menu popups all use the same popup. The content is dynamically generated in code. The script that handles most all of it is inc/classes/ChWsbMemberMenu.php

Read the comments at the top of that php file. You will see that the PopupMenu field as well as others in the sys_menu_member table controls what data is put into the popup. This is also the reason it's so damm complex. It's designed so that 3'rd party modules can add items to that menu and those items work the same as the rest of them.

It's not easy, and not even i have figured it all out yet. That + popup is the worst of them all. I have still not figured out how the links below the status box are added to the popup.

Unless there is a problem with that not working then i have no need to look into it. Do to it's level of complexity, it would take me to long to find it.

And i don't even know exactly what it is your trying to do.

No luck getting it to work. Tried Languages. Grrrrrrr.

Any help would be appreciated.


Where can we edit the code for the pop-up boxes

Add New (The Plus sign at the bottom) and Photo Uploader (The Plus sign at the top on Photos pages)?


Thanks in advance. Off to Austria and Hungary, will check in Wednesday or Thursday; all going well.



Michel -
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ - The Online Guide to Travel


Went off on a tangent, but found the 'Add Content' id and then those with that id as parent.

Too tired to fiddle further in the tables. I'm not as swift at this as you lot.

Need to give a rest for a bit. Have an early start in the morning. - The Online Guide to Travel

Looks like the bottom right box is in the database `sys_menu_member` table.

I'll fiddle with that a little. - The Online Guide to Travel

Where can we edit the code for the pop-up boxes: 

Add New (The Plus sign at the bottom) and Photo Uploader (The Plus sign at the top on Photos pages)?


 Michel - - The Online Guide to Travel