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Editing Forum Topic

Thanks Deano,

I'll make a note of that because I think I'll be doing it again and again. I wouldn't bother worrying about trying to make life east. It may not happen again for a week or so and it was easily fixed.


The topics subject is what forms the url. As such changing the subject would also change the url which is the reason it can't be changed. It's been that way for as far back as i can remember.

I can look into other ways for a url, such as id's instead of the subject for the future. You should be able to change it in the database in ch_forum_topic table in the topic_uri and topic_title columns.

If you change it, make sure the topic uri contains only letters and numbers. Spaces need to be replaced with a -

A member has posted in my forum, but the Topic header doesn't suit the post. As the post has already attracted replies, I don't wish to delete it, but I'd like to edit the header. Maybe I'm missing something, but there is provision for admins to edit a post, but I can't find any provision for them to alter the header.

This isn't the topic, but it gives a clear indication why I want to change the header:

Header: Boat for Sale
Topic: I have a 1958 ford pickup that needs a new axle. Does anyone have one?

The same thing applies on this forum. Once you submit the post, "Edit" only allows you to change the topic, not the header. I find that a bit odd.