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Done with PayPal

Thanks Geek-Girl. I actually missed all that when I visited their site. It was information overload. I can understand you wanting to use it under those circumstances. It makes me interested as well.



How difficult will it be to get your customers to start a Stripe account?

John, I am more interested in using it as a credit/debit card processor.  They won't need a STRIPE account just as they don't need a PayPal account.  They are presented with a form to enter their card info and then submit the checkout just like you do on any other site.  I am mainly interested in this for my hosting company and STRIPE proves subscriptions just as PayPal does; so once they sign up for the subscription, their monthly hosting fee is automatically charged to their card.

How difficult will it be to get your customers to start a Stripe account? A lot of people refuse to sign up for Paypal and it's the industry leader.


I have set up an account with STRIPE.  I will go through and see how invoicing and subscriptions work.  Of course we will need to have a Cheetah module for accepting STRIPE payments.  I will see if I can find the time to develop one and place it in the market.

Paypals pricing is going up on August 2'nd.

Here's how our rates are changing

I am going to give STRIPE a try and see how they are compared to PayPal.  The fees are the same for at least the basic payment processing.  PayPal has advance features but they charge you a monthly fee of $30.00 USD to use those features.  For example, to do a manual transaction using the web form, you have to agree to a $30.00 a month fee.  If you are doing large volumes it may pay but for me, I would spend too much in fees each month.

Paypal doesn't like Adult orientated sites. It seems that a large percentage of customers feel they're not getting their money's worth and demand refunds. "Adult orientated" covers a lot of subjects and some Adult sites do seem to have Paypal facilities. The rule of thumb seems to be: Communicate with the local Paypal team, don't have porn, or links to porn on your site and sell tangible products. It's not wise to pull the wool over their eyes, because their policies are very strict.

Sometimes Paypal works for me and at other times I'm told my account is "limited" which is code for blocked.

I use a combination of Stripe and PayPal. If there’s a dispute I’ll usually issue a refund to the payee and pay the fee which is frustrating.

I just lost $21.48 because of PayPal.  That is at least a half tank of petrol.  I am going to find another credit card processor to use.  If there are any recommendations, please let me know.  I think I will look at Stripe but if anyone knows of others please list them.  It is bad enough that PayPal keeps fees now if you get a charge-back but their resolution now favours them and not their users.