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Cover Photo

I had another look at the UNA backend yesterday, through Softaculous, and it doesn't excite me.

As the kids who might use it would say: "It's pants!"

I was testing out quite a few scripts there.

Admin Username:
Admin Password: pass - The Online Guide to Travel


If only Dolphin could have fixed their issues as quick as this.

They stopped caring.  The current shipping version of Dolphin still has the bugs even though they were reported.  At one time Andrew pretended they were going to improve Dolphin by incorporating back in some of the improvements made in UNA.  If there is a new Dolphin, it will be UNA with the Dolphin name.

If only Dolphin could have fixed their issues as quick as this. - The Online Guide to Travel

Issue has been fixed in the Cheetah Repo.

It's also been corrected on this website,

The Change Cover link now goes directly to organize as the Change Thumbnail link does.

Thanks for pointing that out. I fixed the original problem that existed in Dolphin where it did not work at all as noted here. but those that are added are just added to the album.

Now that you have reminded me, i need to address this issue as well. For now the only way to do it is to go into the album, then to the albums photos and then to organize photos from the drop down menu. The one you want as the cover needs to be dragged to the front so it's the first photo in the album.

How do we change the cover photo on our profile?

I click the link but it just adds another photo to the Cover Photos Album.

Changing the headshot works. - The Online Guide to Travel