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Cheetah future plans

Cool and AWESOME!!! Thanks!!

I don't intend on using any 3'rd party apps for chat.

So yes, chat will be handled by your own server.

It's also the reason the chat development will take longer than you would like. Integration of 3'rd party scripts makes things easier and faster to develop, but as you mentioned, some of them require you to rely on their services.

Good morning Deano and others,

I believe these goals/plans were discussed here before, but sometimes plans change. Obviously chat/video chat/live streaming is huge now and will only become more popular as time goes on. I am not going to mention any names of other platforms out there here, but a lot of them are using 3rd party modules to integrate live streaming and video chat to their platforms, i think that it's useless and a pain in the a** cause of configurations and privacy issues. I believe in keeping things very simple and secure, using 3rd party modules like Jitsi, zoom and many others out there can be a huge problem especially when users are chatting among themselves or in groups! I have done my research and have discovered that chat discussions are kept on the servers of those 3rd party apps. Will Cheetah be using any of those 3rd party apps or do you plan on keeping everything within Cheetah so that chat history between members are kept in our own servers and not on 3rd party servers?