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Cheetah 1.0.0 Stable Released.


add another download by terminal

Thats ok. I am no longer tracking it. I will be coming up with a more accurate method.

add another download by terminal

 do you count actual downloads - or just by ip address. if it helps, i did two by terminal last night.  

You can use wget using the file name with the downloads folder. The url for the current version would be this.


Using the direct URL like that does not allow me to count how many times it gets downloaded.


If your referring to the install instructions here, i did not even realize there was still a boonex link in those instructions. I thought i got all of those.

Anyhow, i also noticed that most of the instructions assume the cheetah files are in a folder with the same name as the cheetah version, but is not how i have been packing them. So be careful. The zip file extracts directly to the folder you uploaded it to. Not to a sub folder.

I did it that way as i find it more convenient, but i just also realized it is also more dangerous for inexperienced users, so i am going to have to change that with the next release.

cool - thank you. not to be a bother, but could you update the installation instructions. i will probably be doing a few different sites and it is just easier using terminal for me.

You can use wget using the file name with the downloads folder. The url for the current version would be this.


Using the direct URL like that does not allow me to count how many times it gets downloaded.

so - how would one download the stable version using terminal? i tried all kinds of different ways and none of them were successful. i ended up having to download to my pc and then using ftp to upload to server. why cant i just download - using wget - straight to server?

I would suggest free Cheetah core and charge for enhancements (modules, add ons, whatever). - The Online Guide to Travel

I will not be going with Cheetah, as it's a cheat for those who have already paid for Dolphin.

But I do wish you all the best.

Sadly, Cheetah will fail unless upgrades are as easy as click. Try Drupal and see how everything works over there.

Seriously, modules and templates are easily upgraded with just a click.

The core is a little more complicated (but easy enough to upgrade through Softaculous) .

Cheetah will never succeed if it can't compete.

Licence fees = number one fail. - The Online Guide to Travel

The installation was quick and easy, no issues.  I tested new member joining and the blank emails did not show up.  I will be checking as I go along but I have a feeling it was due to something in the database that I brought over when I imported the database.  I am not importing anything this time.

One point that I noticed was when I installed the reCAPTCHA keys is that Google is calling them site key and secret key so we may want to add those in parentheses just for those that might be confused.

Thanks Deano.  I have thought about this and I have decided to download and install a new site on Cheetah and not try to import anything from the beta site.  It is quite possible the email bug was carried over from the beta; while I did a fresh install of the files, I imported our current database.  I am not going to do that this time as I need to know that it isn't something I am bringing in from outside of Cheetah itself.

Thanks Deano. I'm busy  with a non related project and I'm finding it difficult to keep on top of stuff.  I'll move one of my sites over in a day or two and then another.



I should also note that other than the changes to how video uploads work which still needs more work, there are a couple of features that Cheetah has that dolphin does not have.

1) If you see this topic here. that can be easily changed in Cheetah by simply changing defines from true to false in member.php

2) Geek Girl has been experiencing some issues with blank emails. In an effort to help track that problem down, a Email logging section has been added to the Tools section in admin. It's off by default. This logging system is crude and will be improved over time.

Cheetah 1.0.0 Stable has been released.

This version does not have a upgrade from any of the Betas. It is strongly recommend you do not attempt to upgrade any of the betas to this final stable version. A clean install is recommended to make sure no bugs from previous versions sneak in.

A few additional bugs that i located while testing the final beta on this site have been fixed.

One of those bugs has existed in dolphin for several versions. If anyone remembers the icons in the admin section used to have a different color for each section and somewhere along the way, those colors were lost. It was a simple CSS bug that apparently no one noticed in Dolphin.

Work will now begin on version 1.1.0.B1. I will also be continuing work on the replacement chat module as well as work on removing the obsolete flash apps.