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Cheetah 1.0.0.B2 Released.

I didn't do the upgrade. The standard install worked perfectly and great to see a few issues have been sorted. The newsfeed now works on the home page, the forum install has been fixed and I'm sure there's plenty more improvements.

The beta designation will only exist in the database in sys_tmp_version.

Does not matter, i screwed that one up in this beta anyway. The upgrade sets it to the proper beta version, but the full install does not.

I upgraded the site and it went off without any hiccups.  I have not tested yet to see if any bugs are present.  The reason for this post is that the version reported in admin is Cheetah 1.0.0 without any beta designation; not even when I go to host tools.  I can't remember how beta versions of Dolphin were listed in admin.

Thank you!

Cheetah 1.0.0.B2 has been released. It is a couple of days late. I took some time to study and learn the upgrade folder and it's scripts.

Upgrades are normally not done in betas, but for this one i released a upgrade. I needed practice with the upgrade system anyway.


NOTE: The upgrade is just as large as the normal install due to changes in links to the new site url. All the headers were updated, so it results in a lot of changed files.


The full install can be downloaded here. Cheetah 1.0.0 Beta 2

And the patch can be downloaded here. Cheetah 1.0.0.B1 to 1.0.0.B2 Patch


Below are the upgrade instructions which are just the generic instructions normally provided for Dolphin. I am open to suggestions on any rewrites to these instructions to make them clearer if needed.


Cheetah Upgrade Instructions from 1.0.0.B1 to 1.0.0.B2

Step 0

Back up your current Cheetah files, folders and database.

NOTE: This upgrade will work with the official Cheetah 1.0.0.B1 version ONLY. If you applied some fixes to your Cheetah 1.0.0.B1 then this patch should work in most cases, but there are some fixes that may cause conflict.

Step 1

Download and extract the patch Cheetah 1.0.0.B1 to 1.0.0.B2 Patch and upload its files to your current installation, replacing all old files. Make sure that old files were REALLY replaced - the site can become nonfunctional at all if old files are still in place.

Step 2

Remove the upgrade/.htaccess file via FTP or SSH.

Make sure that you removed .htaccess file from "upgrade" directory! Do not remove .htaccess file from Cheetah root folder, it will make almost all links on the site stop working.

NOTE: You may need to change your FTP client settings to show hidden files to see the .htaccess file in your FTP manager.

Step 3

Open the following URL in your favorite browser:

Replace and path-to-cheetah with your real values.

Apply all available updates. The script detects suitable updates automatically.

Step 4

Please follow and read all automatically completed steps of the upgrade script, paying special attention to the last step. The last step of this upgrade is IMPORTANT. You will be given special instructions by the script which you will have to do MANUALLY.

Step 5

Report any occurrence of bugs in this forum.