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Yes, I was aware of the changes in CentOS.  We sort of figured that it would eventually happened.  I need to talk to my datacentre about this.  Normally I apply a minimal CentOS and then build the server from there.  Like you Dean, I liked the idea that CentOS was built from Red Hat Enterprise because it only included hardened libraries that I knew would be stable.  I have been thinking of switching to Ubuntu for some projects to make it easier to run things like Zulip.  I may just go completely to Ubuntu in the future if there is no way for me to load a distro.  I need to do some research; this has never been an issue before.  I don't have a way to connect anything to the server to load my own distro.  I have a server that I was going to use KVM to break it into several virtual machines; I can play around with things and see what I can learn.

Thought i would provide a heads up on this for those interested in CentOS. Not sure how many people are aware of what is going on.

In 2014, CentOS joined RedHat but was suppose to remain independent. In 2019, IBM buys Redhat. And now things are changing.

CentOS is no longer going to exist as it once was. CentOS 8 has accelerated it's normal end of life date to December of this year and will be turned into a development branch for Redhat Enterprise Linux called CentOS Stream which will not be the same. It will not be the stable platform many people use CentOS for.

The original founder of CentOS does not like where Redhat is taking CentOS and decided to start another distro to replace CentOS called Rocky Linux.

Not sure what to make of this yet. Not sure if hosting providers will provide Rocky as a alternative to CentOS or not. Not sure if CPanel or Plesk will support it.

I find all this upsetting. I run CentOS because i care more about stability in a server OS rather than the latest software.

I will surely keep my eye on Rocky Linux. I hope it does well. If hosting providers, CPanel, and Plesk don't offer support for it, i may have to switch to Ubuntu. Which i don't want to do.