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Captcha - An Interesting Observation

Let me put it the way that I see it: Cheetah is a fork that was created from a clone. so, it is both. Here is my example: you have a horse. You clone that horse. Now, even though both horses are essentially exactly the same - its individual experiences make it unique. Take the clone horse and put it in a different stable with different owners and it will physically and mentally change. The same with Dolphin and cheetah. While Cheetah is a clone of Dolphin, it is in a more loving stable. One where the owners pay more attention to that horse than the other owners pay to the original horse. Cheetah will turn into a world winning race horse, while Dolphin hangs around the pasture all day getting fat and not being exercised.

Get a life John. - The Online Guide to Travel

@Travelnotes, I've said it several times before and I'll say it again: You are a Troll! Why  else do you continue to hijack my posts on forums?

For anyone else who may be interested, Wikipedia describes a fork as:

In software engineering, a project fork happens when developers take a copy of source code from one software package and start independent development on it, creating a distinct and separate piece of software. 

As Cheetah already contains unique code in version 1.00 it's clearly a fork, but it's still early days. Here's an example of other programs that have been successfully forked. You will probably recognise a few:

  • Most Linux distributions are descended from other distributions, most being traceable back to Debian, Red Hat or Softlanding Linux System 
  • Microsoft SQL Server, from Sybase SQL Server,
  • POSTGRES (later PostgreSQL), after Ingres branched off as a proprietary project.
  • Apache HTTP Server, from the moribund NCSA HTTPd.
  •, from StarOffice after Sun Microsystems made the source code publicly available. was eventually forked into LibreOffice.
  • GForge, from SourceForge.
  • Inkscape (vector-graphics program), from Sodipodi.
  • Zen Cart, from osCommerce.
  • Joomla, from Mambo due to concerns over project structure.

In the early stages of Zen Cart development, they simply re paginated the code so that people could actually read it. 


If all Cheetah has is you two talking together, it's a sad situation.

Sadder still, is you both use Dolphin forums to harp on about this Dolphin clone, by saying it's not a clone.

It is a clone.


No, it is a fork of Dolphin.  It already has changes in it that are not in Dolphin.  It is not productive to come into the forum and complain about Cheetah; why do you have a gripe here?  No one is forcing you to use any platform.  It was Boonex that left you hanging with Dolphin; that is where your gripe lies.  Of course Andrew Boon doesn't care but that is where your gripe lies.

If all Cheetah has is you two talking together, it's a sad situation.

Sadder still, is you both use Dolphin forums to harp on about this Dolphin clone, by saying it's not a clone.

It is a clone. - The Online Guide to Travel

I've just edited the tutorial. If you find any errors, please let me know. Thanks

@Geek_Girl you've probably seen it, but I've created a tutorial entitled "Create Your Own Captcha"

I see my tutorial has a few mistakes in it which won't confuse you may may confuse others. I'll fix it as soon as I find time.

Yes, I would like to know more.  I just did a search on "weekday captcha" and nothing came up related to it.

As mentioned elsewhere, I was being bombarded with new member applications where the description always mentioned the proposed member's interest in Crypo Currency or BitCoin.  Deano suggested that the applications are probably being created by Bots and I should consider switching on his Bot Detection feature in Cheetah's Admin.

As the sites concerned are large in terms of Modules and code changes, I've been unable to convert them to Cheetah mainly because of time constraints. Thus, both the sites are still running on Dolphin. I was recently receiving up to five new applications a day on one site and one or two on the other. As an exercise, I installed the weekday captcha in both both Join forms and the fake applications stopped immediately. It's been 10 days and not one single fake. I 'm still getting a few spam emails from Russia on one site because I don't know how to install the weekday captcha in the Contact Us module.

If the good news persists, I'll be asking Deano to add the captcha as part of the Script, thus saving the need for members to sign up with Google's recaptcha which the Bots seem to have figured out.

If anyone is interested in the weekday captcha, I can probably upload a tutorial someone created.