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Can this be done - easily?

Thanks Deano. Modzzz Verification module operates outside any information in the database. A member who wishes to be verified goes to a page where they're given a 5 to 8 digit code. They stand in front of a camera holding a piece of paper containing the code and photograph themselves. The admins can then compare that photo with other photos in their gallery. Dozens of sites use something similar. Simple but effective.

My problem is more complex. As you can guess, tens of thousands FB profiles are probably fake. Guys pose as women, some pose as kids to lure other kids. I don't have that level of concern, but I do have guys posing as women. You know my site and you should know what I mean. 

When asked for a photo, they have all kinds of excuses, but the laws of discrimination being what they are, we can't refuse them entry . . .  because they may be right! 

I may have a simple way around this. Modzzz has a module called Membership Badges and I've written to him to find if it can be used for what I need. I'm thinking of using the badges like a One to Five star rating, with One being very questionable.

Don't loose any sleep, I'll wait until I hear from Modzzz.

Now that i think about it more, this may be able to be accomplished with a php block.

I am not sure how modzzz module works or what is does to verify. But if that module sets certain information in the database when verified, the php block could have code that checks that and if verified does nothing and if not, displays a message.

You could even create generic block that displays any message, and a checkbox or radio set that only the admin would see that would allow the admin to flag the block as to be shown or not shown.

Coming up with the code to put in the block would be the tricky part.

A profile field can be easily added using the fields builder as you can determine who can see it and who can edit it.

As for a page block with custom messages, not without a custom modification.

I'm using Modzzz Verification process, but not everyone bothers to take the time to be verified.  Those that do, love it and it's a brilliant module by the way!

Is there a way to add a field or block to all profiles that can be independently be controlled by admin on a member to member basis and not interfered with by the member?

To use a situation that appears all to often on another Social Media Site, the member may claim they're a woman, when in fact they're a man. How difficult would it be to add an admin controlled field, or even a block which may be better, that says something like: "Certain details such as this member's sex can't be verified".

If admins are satisfied about the details, the field or comment would not appear.

I'm raising this because Australia is about to bring in strict laws relating to dating sites. Mine isn't a dating site, but I'm concerned about some of the profiles we're receiving.