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Cache Engines in Admin

I come here and when i see you both discussing coding and all that other language, i just have to say "GOD bless you both!"


Under cache engines can it be shown there that OPcache is installed and enabled?

Yes, once i finish my development research. The OPCache can be controlled to some extent via PHP. So once i have finished that R&D it will be added to that section.

I set my server up and installed php; I thought OPcache was installed; using Remi repo.  I was wrong; one of the things I forgot.  I installed the OPcache, yum install -y php-opcache and restarted php-fpm.  Cheetah did find OPcache once I installed.  So that is good.

Under cache engines can it be shown there that OPcache is installed and enabled?

It is not. MemCache will eventually be the only one supported in Cheetah because all of the other ones are no longer under active development.

In fact, Cheetah version 1.1.0 should only be showing 2 engines. File and MemCache in the cache sections in admin. I believe i have already removed the others, however no updates have yet been made to MemCache so whats currently in cheetah may not be compatible with the current version of MemCache. I have not yet gotten back to the cache engines.

As for OpCache. I know it can be enabled and is enabled by default on all current Plesk hosts running php 7. I do not know about  CPanel. The current version of cheetah version 1.1.0 should be able to detect if OpCache is enabled. If you go to host tools and scroll down the page to the Site Optimization section you should see it in the php area.

I have been working on a site and the question of cache engines has become a subject.  From what I can see, MemCache is still in active development.  Since PHP 5.5, there is OPcache as a PHP extension built into PHP.   Unless compiling from source, it is a good chance that installing PHP will give you OPcache.  I am unsure if APC is in active development or not.