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Boonex Documentation Wiki Down

The Wiki part of Trac is still there; all of the code part of Trac is mostly gone although I did come across some parts of it today as I was looking around.

I'll see if I can find Trac. It would be a lot easier if I had a URL even if it doesn't work any more.

I could work on adding the documentation for Cheetah.

I need to see about grabbing a copy.

Boonex took down Trac with all the information it contained when they moved to GitHub.  I yelled about that for a long time but of course Boonex did not care; shame that all the information; even if some was outdated, was lost.

For how long I wonder. Ditto the forum. Although the forum, was 80% responses that were probably more confusing than helpful, the remaining 20% were gems. In all honesty, I'd be lost without the Boonex forum.

Should we make an attempt to clone it, or should we let it fade into the Boonex Abyss?  I don't have the storage space on my server to add a copy and I don't have time to wade through thousands of posts looking for those gems.

LOL. Their wiki is back up.

You can find the latest snapshots here on the Wayback Machine:*/

Ths seems to be the latest snapshot dated September 10, 1919:

NOTE: It's a double wammy URL so you'll need to copy the full line  and paste it  into your address bar.


The Boonex Documentation Wiki at now appears to be down. Not sure if it's permanent, people can no longer access any of what little documentation there was for Dolphin. It also means i can't borrow it to populate entries in my docs. So i will now need to write them from scratch.

If they are suppose to be supporting Dolphin until the end of 2023, then they shut that down a bit prematurely if you ask me.