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Blurring Images

This worked but it was a bit messy due to so many css files involved. 

Found a brilliant Chrome extension called Content Edit and Blur. It allows for almost any object on a page to be blurred on a object by object basis. 

No php is needed for blurring a image. It is done via CSS.

You can add filter: blur(14px); to the css of a img tag to blur it. 14px is usually enough.


I need to make a series of short video tutorials on how to use my site. Several people have left, saying it's too hard to navigate and judging by the lack of interest in the extensive FAQ,  Blog and forum (4 posts in a year), I think the remainder don't know how to use it either.


Because it's an adult orientated site I can't show people's faces when I make the tutorials. I need to blur them out, but the usual blur options offered by video editors are a real pain.  I can make a sister site with dummy data, but I'm wondering if there is another way.


I know there's a snippet of PHP code "blur=12;" or similar, so can it be placed somewhere so that all images rendered by the photos module can be blured? As I'll be doing it on a cloned site, it can be self-destructive. 


Dolphin used the snippet for some reason to blur the Cover photos, but they eventually removed it or Deano removed it.