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Block Lists

I will take a look.

One of the things with Dolphin was that you could see a list of members that you had blocked but you couldn't see a list of the members that had blocked you.  However, the code appears to support it but it was never implemented.  Looking in BxBaseCommunicator.php the code is there to get a list of both "from" and "to."  Looking at the template code; communicator_settings.html there appears to be some radio buttons to use js to switch between the two views:

<div class="left_section">
    <label><input type="radio"  __selected_from__ value="from" name="person_switcher" onclick="javascript: if ( typeof __js_object__ != 'undefined' ) __js_object__.getTypifiedPage(this.value)"/>__from_me__</label>
    <label><input type="radio" __selected_to__ value="to" name="person_switcher" onclick="javascript: if ( typeof __js_object__ != 'undefined' ) __js_object__.getTypifiedPage(this.value)"/>__to_me__</label>

So the question is if we can implement this