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All of Modzzz's modules for $150 plus paypal fee

That's great to hear @Deano. My main aim would be to transfer the data from all the core dolphin files and dolphin modules. I would then gradually work to install any third party modules using the utility tool. I'm less concerned about data from third party modules and more concerned about the basic dolphin data and core files.


Does @Deano have any plans for a migration script?

Yes actually. I do have plans to do that.

However, it will migrate data from Dolphin and any supplied modules that Cheetah also currently has. It will not be able to deal with data migration from 3'rd party modules.

@JohnK  This is great to know and thank you for sharing. I also have about 10 modules from different vendors that I like and I'd like to keep them and so this will help with that part.

@Geek_Girl Yes a manual process to transfer a dolphin community to cheetah sounds tedious. Does @Deano have any plans for a migration script? I have more than 1 community and I'm not looking forward to the issues caused by migrating.

@kalstok, I have about 10 of Modzzz Modules running on my Cheetah site. Most, if not all convert very well using the utility on this Cheetah site.

You just upload the appropriate  Zip file supplied  in the module, usually 7.4+, wait about 20 minutes, then download the conversion. It really is as simple as that.

Just one warning however: The convertor can't deal with Zip Files inside Zip files. As most modules contain multiple zip files, you must find the right one to convert. That's usually very simple. Unzip a Modzzz module and look for the Zip file that reads 7.4+. That the file to upload.

Once you get the converted copy back, you just install the module on Cheetah in exactly the same way you would install it on Dolphin.

There isn't any trick.

I'm currently using Verified members, Advanced Groups and Events, Stories, Blogs, Who Visited Me, Social Radio, and many more.


I would definitely need hire @Geek_Girl to help me with the conversion

I have migrated a Dolphin site to Cheetah.  It had to be done manually and was tedious.  The worst part was the photos and videos.  It would be nice to write a migration script.

I won't be installing any new modules on my dolphin sites because I know I'm going to need to transition away from dolphin soon as it becomes more obsolete. Modzzz has created some very effective modules over the years and I've provided some end-user feedback to help improve them. If we can get them to work on Cheetah that would be a real game changer. I would definitely need hire @Geek_Girl to help me with the conversion.

Update: Modzzz will sell any module for $12.  Email him for details.

Modzzz isn't really that interested in Cheetah at this time.  He could easily convert his modules and put them in the market here and I talked to him about it.  He said if the user base was higher he might consider it.  He spends most of his time on UNA.

I was thinking he could do it more discretely. People contact him via his email and I was thinking that could be a good time to reassure them. I wasn't considering a post on the forum or on his market area.


Maybe you could suggest to him that he could let people know that his modules can be tweaked to work on Cheetah. That may bring a few more people over.

If he was to mention that his modules could be made to work on Cheetah, Boonex would delete the post.  They have put a gag order on any mention of Cheetah on their sites; or  I do mention to people that contact me about Dolphin that their modules can be converted (although Deano stated that in the future, they may not work out of the box and may need code changes.)  I have already moved one Dolphin site to Cheetah and I am getting ready to set up a new Cheetah site for the same person; he purchased a new Cheetah license.

Thanks Geek-Girl. I did mention to Modzzz that I'd be interested in a smaller package, but I never received an answer. I'll see if I need another five modules.

Maybe you could suggest to him that he could let people know that his modules can be tweaked to work on Cheetah. That may bring a few more people over.

Just a thought.

Modzzz answered:

Persons interested in the five module pack can pay $45 ($40 + $5 paypal fee) to

I would guess that you indicate which modules you are wanting.

John, I will put your suggestion in front of Modzzz of selling a subset of modules for a fixed price.

Yes, Modzzz realises that Dolphin is gone.  He is trying to squeeze a bit more out of his Dolphin modules.  There are still people using Dolphin and I get requests at times for upgrading a Dolphin site.  I am building a new Cheetah site for a client and we will be buying the package to use on the Cheetah site; Modzzz also granted us a multi-site license so we can use the modules on more than one site for the one time fee.  I am not worried about the modules breaking with future updates of Cheetah since I should be able to maintain them.  

A lot of people are not happy with UNA (as determined from the posts on UNA;) however, I can't reach them because of the gag order from Boonex on the Boonex and UNA sites.  I need to look at a marketing campaign of some sorts that can let people know about the Cheetah fork.   I tell as many people as possible when they ask me about Dolphin.

I've never understood Modzzz' marketing strategies.  Regardless of its dollar value, this package is useless to people like me who already have dozens of his best modules. With Dolphin now all but finished, he would be far better off selling individual packages for $10 and packs of five for say $40. This would give people who already have a Modzzz collection, a chance to fill a few gaps. 

If you are interested, Modzzz is offering a packaged deal on his modules.  All of them for $150 plus paypal fee.