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Ability to remove other social network links

Thanks! That worked and was easy to do. Your my hero for tonight. smile

These links are a concern and there should be  an easy way within Cheetah to hide them. I complained about this on the Dolphin site because they can be very dangerous.

If you're running an adult site, members  won't be happy if you link a photo or something in their profile to  Facebook.

Until someone comes up with a better idea, try this:

To remove Share Buttons throughout the site:


Rename the file by putting a hyphen at the beginning of the file name:


Clear cache.



I would like the option to remove all other social network links. That includes removing the "share" to other pages. The page I am working on is intended to be separate, or even isolated. How can I remove these links? Perhaps having an optional link in a members profile for them to link to an outside page would give that member a nice option, but as a whole I would like no outside links; it's kinda the purpose to going to the effort to set a privet community.