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A little toying around.

Just passing by to say hi and wishing you all a safe night during these crazy times, that's all laughing

I am going to turn a Raspberry Pi into a streaming media server.

I developed a module for Dolphin that i never finished that i am going to convert to Cheetah and put it on the pi. The module is a Video Directory. It can hold movies or entire series and is based on what Netflix used to look like about 3 years ago. It's kinda like a Netflix clone.

I never finished it. Lack of time, and it was one of the biggest and most complex modules i had ever written. But i am going to build that home media server.

I have over 300-400, DVD's, possibly more, i lost track. Mostly TV Series like CSI and House MD and many, many others. That many DVD's takes up a lot of space. I am going to convert everything to MPEG4 and put it on a tiny Raspberry pi with a SSD for storage.

Should be a fun project.

I have never played with a Raspberry Pi although I wanted to.  I never seem to have any spare cash for toys.  I was going to get a Pi and put Kodi on it for a media centre but then Kodi took such a bad direction that I dropped working with Kodi.  I did put Kodi on the laptop but the old Xbox interface is better than what they have now.  It is sad that so many good products get hijacked.  I picked up a second gen firestick; not the 4K one, from Amazon, during one of their sales and have been playing with it.  It is Android based and it seems that most of the TV stuff is moving towards Android due to the popularity of the firestick once you open it up to third party apps.

You obviously have too much spare

I just installed Cheetah on a Raspberry Pi 4. The 2GB model running Raspbian Buster.

Those little things are pretty fast for such a tiny computer. I swear it loads faster than my current server does. I am sure it would not handle the load my current server can, but it seems to be a decent and pretty reliable little computer. Makes a great local test server. Seems pretty darn fast as a desktop computer too. I have a bunch of old full size desktop machines that this little mini box puts to shame.