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A huge thank you

Thank you. And i hope i continue to impress as Cheetah grows and becomes even better.

There are lots of plans for the future. All of which will take time as the saying goes "Rome wasn't built in a day"



I am going to say right now.....? In the short time I came across your development of Cheetah? (Geek_Girl introduced me to) I am totally impressed with your involvement with your dedication to not only rebuilding, reinventing, development and ideas behind Dolphin in to Cheetah, but you hold this awesome connection with those that are anticipating the future of Cheetah. It shows your dedication to not only the platform...? But the people who are here to use it.

Firstly you spend the time needed to work on what actually needs work, NOT jump around and fix minuet things that really never stabilize the platform, such as your NOW competitor. It was a real bother to deal with issues that Boonex would not; which is one of the issues I have always had. It seems to even continue on in to there UNA platform. The things that get addressed don't seem to be the fix to so many issues with there systems and platforms. 

The biggest issue I have with them is there disregard to the people. They DO NOT keep you informed and when they do it's on things that are NOT addressing the current issues and securities with there platforms. Its like they get excited and move on to new things to quickly? I mean Dolphin still has so much to offer, but they dropped it like a bomb and stuck all there power in to a separate platform (UNA) that seems to have similar issues and the structuring is insane.

I just wanted you to know, above all? I see your dedication to a proper working platform before toys are added, per say. And that says a LOT about where Cheetah is headed. I see your involvement with members and ideas as well as your information you share along the way. I see that you work hard and long hours to build this platform and correct existing issues before proceeding to other aspects of it.

I just wanted you to know. Your work and hours do NOT go un-noticed and it reflects in who you are as a person and maintaining the customer/Client base you do as well.

You are awesome my friend. Stay focused and true.

And to all the people that are alongside of Deano making Cheetah happen, thank you as well for your hours and hard work. Without all of you this wouldn't be possible.