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"Site" Admin or "Group" Admin?

Hey John, Thanks for all the help. I never mean any offense, and I try to avoid taking any. Clearly Deano is working hard to get this in shape. It is a surprise to me how much of Dolphin was unfinished after so many years, and so many users. Yes, If I had paid $750 for Dolphin before Deano's work, I would have been reversing the credit card charge and moving to something else within the first couple weeks of testing it out. I did try a few that I walked away from. Yes, I am at times getting frustrated, although it is usually because I just don't know how to do everything I want this to do yet.

My target users are steadily joining and using the site. The guts of this works. Because of Deano, You, Geek_Girl, and anyone else helping on here Cheetah will soon be what Dolphin was sold to be. I really think the future of social media will be going away from the big public "censored" sites, and moving to the small private ones that don't have some anonymous "fact checkers" posting their own lies to your feed. Or deciding for you what is, or isn't, appropriate to share with your friends. Cheetah has a great future. It's just not as user friendly to a new admin as you long time admin think. So yes, it gets frustrating. Please don't take that as any offense directed at you or anyone on here.

Hi Steve, The problem with any forum is that information can easily be lost, then a few days later someone else comes along and asks a question which had recently been answered. Thus I asked Deano if he would the suggestions module  and the Answers module which closely follows Yahoo Answers. 

Suggestions are just that. If you have a suggestion such as the one we're discussing here, it's best to place it in the Suggestions module so that Deano can deal with it when he gets time. it also helps to unclog the forum. Geek_Girl and I also read the suggestions and I'm sure she would have posted her reply there. 

Depending on how you perceive the problem, it could have been placed in Answers as well, but you weren't asking members if they had a solution, your post basiclly asked for the script to be changed. Thus it was a suggestion.

So that's probably the best way to decide:

  • Can someone help me with a nagging problem that may also affect others in the future ?  - Answers. 
  • Do I want something changed in the script, hoping that it will improve everyone's enjoyment, not just mine. - Suggestions.
  • Do I have a minor (or major) issue that I think may only pertain to me? - Forum.

At the moment we only have a small membership, but when the forum gets busy, some questions may receive pages of answers. Everyone will have a different point of view, so when someone person looks for a solution they may become confused. Although Answers may look similar, people can vote on the best answer and the person wanting a solution shouldn't have to toss a coin. Eventually Answers will become a Q&A Wiki, something the forum will never become.

I wrote a response to you the other day but decided not to send it. We all need to keep in mind that Deano didn't write Cheetah, he's currently trying to repair Dolphin whilst adding a few desirable new features .  It's a bloated script containing thousands of files. Only so much can be done at once and Deano needs to decide what's important and what isn't. We may disagree with his choice of priorities, but unlike the programmers over at Boonex, he listens. I wish Deano started doing this two years ago, but he didn't. In the past few months I've seen him fix more problems than the programming team at Boonex took years to fix.

We need to be patient. Some people paid US$750 and virtually got no support. Look what you're getting here.


Hey John, to be honest at this point I don't know what is a suggestion, a Dolphin issue, or my error. I'll try to figure out which forum is the proper place to ask questions, but I usually don't know.

Thanks Geek_Girl, that is a really good workaround. My problem at this moment is I am not exactly clear what each means my self, given that there is 0 documentation and these terms are not clear, or unique to how they are being used in this instance. Could I get a list of exactly what each setting does in making a group?

Yes, as I will keep a list of where the wording could be clearer. On that note: The "language settings" seems to be used for way more than changing languages. It seems that it should have a more accurate name.

Steve; you can easily change the text for many items.  This is done through the language settings in the backend.  Go to settings and then language settings.  By the way, you can have two tabs open to make it easier to work; open a tab to the page builders and a tab on the language settings.  To understand what language key you need to change for blocks, go to the page builders and find the item and click on it and you can see the language key used.  Others may be a bit harder.  Once you find the key to change, then you can simply edit the text for the key and change it from "Admin" to "Group Admin."  Keep a note of a key you changed just in case you changed the wrong one; then you can undo your changes.  The other day I wanted to change the text in a block header and I changed the wrong one; no problem, I just changed it back to the proper value and then found the correct key to change.

If you don't mind, create a list of areas where you feel the text shown could be better and we can help Deano on some of the minor things.  Please note that upgrades will not change your custom text strings; if you change "Admin" to "Group Admin" it will not be changed back during an upgrade.

Steve, it would be great if you could use the Suggestions module for these kinds of questions. It's unlikely Deano can do something like this before dinner, thus your request will eventually get lost in the forum and it's possible it may be forgotten.

I know this will seem obvious to you folks, but I'm dealing with users that need it 100% clear.

When using Groups, it seems there is duplicate terms for different things. When setting a group the terms "Member", "Fan", "Admin" are used to set permissions; but they are also all words that are used site wide. Can we have the word "Group" put in front of words that apply to the group only. Example: "Group Admin", or "Group Fan". So having it spelled out as "Site Member", "Group Fan", "Site Admin", "Group Admin" would be very helpful.