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"Join Now" popup is simple but confusing.

Not sure what you mean by hidden membership levels; can you expand on it?  Any membership level that is not purchasable won't show to members or prospective members but can be assigned manually to a member.

Can we change the "Join Now" popup? The levels of membership are listed, but the big button next to each one is not a join button. No one reads, they just hit the big button next to the membership they want. Then they get a very confusing, and ugly, "information" list that makes no sense to the average user.

If they don't give up at this point, they try the "checkout" button; even though it also doesn't say "join" or "sign up". Then it doesn't work. Why? Because they didn't notice the little dot in the upper left corner of the membership level they wanted. Neither of the big buttons actually working to sign them up, they give up.

This has to be changed. The information button needs to be smaller, relative to the rest, and say "information". The "Checkout" button needs to say "JOIN". Better yet just have them continue the sign up process with clicking on the member level Icon and/or the name of the member level.

Also: can we have hidden member levels? It should be able to have levels that do not show on the Join now page. Can we have the option to choose which levels show on the "Join Now" popup?