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Code modification to change the profile album blocks into smaller album thumb blocks.
Categories: PHP Code Mods 
02.16.2021 · From admin
Add custom global privacy groups
Categories: PHP Code Mods 
10.22.2020 · From admin
Make your member's Profile Covers change Randomly when they add a Profile Photo. It encourages them to upload one.
Categories: Cheetah 
09.12.2020 · From Johnk
It looks like the BOTS have figured out how to bypass Google's "Tick" Recaptcha. I'm using the Day of Week or Friday Captcha and it seems to have fooled them.
Categories: Cheetah 
08.31.2020 · From Johnk
I am going to detail my walkthrough on how to create a module in Cheetah
Categories: Cheetah Modules 
08.15.2020 · From professorsr