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View full photo in timeline and play videos in timeline

I have been developing a site for a client and one request was that the full image be displayed in the timeline.  Currently a cropped square image is displayed with a link to the photo in the photo album.

The other request was to have the video play directly in the timeline.  Currently a cropped image is displayed with a link to the video in the video album. 

I have implemented both of the above and I do think it is an improvement in the timeline.  To get the video to play in the timeline is simple.  The array contains a source value and it is either "video" for an uploaded video or "YouTube" for an embedded YouTube video (it would be nice if we could embed other sources; such as BitChute for one).  Once you check for the source of the video, you simply form the required iframe code to insert in the timeline; either using the Cheetah player for the uploaded video or the YouTube iframe code for the embedded YouTube video.

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