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Rename Text block

There was an issue with the TinyMce editor on HTML blocks; if one turned off the editor to enter code, when the block was opened for editing, TinyMce would load and then strip out the code it considered improper.  Boonex tried having it to remember the state of the editor on the block but finally decided on a block that would not have the editor at all.  However, they called the block Text which is misleading.  I had to explain this to admins of Dolphin on several occasions.  A Text block is actually a block that everything is rendered as text, even if that text is code.  This is useful for programming sites so that members can share code between members and not have it actually trying to be executed.  I think we need to give the Text block a new name that reflects the true nature of the block; a block for entering code that does not load the TinyMce editor.  What name I am not sure.  While this may seem to be a bit silly, I think it is important to have things correct.  The Text block is for entering HTML code without a TinyMce editor present and the name should reflect that purpose in some way.

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  •  TravelNotes: 
    The text block is actually the one to use for complex code: ie Google ads. Code makes sense.
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  •  admin: 
    I think technically it is a RAW HTML Code Block. A block where you enter RAW HTML. Guessing some people may not know what the term RAW means, but that's the name i would choose for it.
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