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Profile Tabs

Elegg and Oxwall both offer Profile Tabs and Profile Edit Tabs as an option when Admin is designing a Profile. Cheetah doesn't have this feature, instead it allows admins to group Profile questions and answers into sections, but those sections are all on the same page. 

If the site admin wants members to answer several questions, Profile Tabs offer several advantages. A member's location details can be in one tabbed section and his/her interests can be placed in another. Not only does this make things look more organised, if the member forgets to save their work they only lose a little bit of information which can easily be fixed. If the Edit Profile section is one long form, the member could lose everything if they forget to save.

Profile Tabs and Profile Edit Tabs should be an option because admins who only require a few questions to be asked, may not need them.

I recommend that Profile Tabs and Profile Edit Tabs become a feature of Cheetah.

The ability to change all features of the TAB buttons should be in a simple and annotated CSS file.

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  •  Johnk: 
    I'm currently using ExpertKris's Profile Tabs module with great success. I also have Modzzz Profile blocks, but I'm not happy with the way the Tabs are presented. I haven't had time to sort it out and I hope Cheetah follows the Oxwall tend and makes it part of the core package.
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  •  Geek_Girl: 
    There was a module in the Dolphin market that converted the groupings into tabs. Sadly it would not work with the Profile Composer module that I used on my site. Hopefully a built in method would not conflict with the Profile Composer module.
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