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Photo and Video Module Confusion

This is an issue(?) that dates back to the Early days of Dolphin.

In the settings section of the Photos and Videos Modules, there's provision to change the default Album.

It reads: Default Profile Album Name {nickname}'s Photos, or {nickname}'s Videos

As there's already a default album called xxxx's Photos (or Videos), one would assume that by changing the name here to something like "My Photos", the album called Nickname's Photos would have a name change.

this is not the case. By altering the name in the form, you are actually creating an additional album, which I assume also becomes the default album.

I find this totally confusing.

I would much prefer to see this field change the name of the existing Default Album from nickname's Photos to My Photos, or whatever.

Otherwise, the form caption should read: Create a new default Album and the field should be blank.

My preference is for Admin's to use the field to change the existing album's name.

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  •  Johnk: 

    Quote: That is because that setting controls NEW albums created when members join. 

    Yes, you are correct, but this can create a problem where different members have different default albums. Some time ago I did a Photos module mockup for discussion, but it seems to have disappeared. I'll try to find it and post it again.

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  •  Geek_Girl: 

    This is a side note on the albums.  You can pass variables in the language keys; this can be true of the title blocks.  I was working on this on another site and Deano educated me on the {0}, {1}, {2} that you see in the language keys.  It is possible for you to display the title as "My Photos" when you view your own page and as "John's Photos" when someone else is viewing the page.

    If you look in the setting you see {nickname}'s Photo.  If you wanted to change it to "full name" you would change it in the brackets {}.

    Now, I think what you are seeing is that you make the change in the backend but it does not change the current name of the album.  That is because that setting controls NEW albums created when members join.  Existing albums won't change.  That setting is actually for when you first set up your site.  To change existing album names you would have to run a DB query.

    I agree that it needs to be examined.

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