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Photo Upload Form Improvements

This is a two part suggestion.

The main reason we have friends is to share stuff with them that we wouldn't normally share with other members. More often than not it's photos or videos.

It's unreasonable to expect a member with limited computer knowledge to create a new Album for their friends and select "Friends as the "Allow Viewing Album To"  filter.

Most people will never think of clicking the little down arrow in the Album field and that's discussed in the second part of this suggestion.

Predefined Friends Only option in Photo Upload Album Field:


XXXX's Photos

XXXX's Cover Photos

Friends Only

Create New Album...

Note: The username in these options isn't necessary. It would be far better and more user friendly if the options read:

My Photos

My Cover Photos

Photos For Friends Only            (or just Friends Only) preset to display photos (and videos) for viewing by friends.

Create New Album...

Every time the phrase XXXX's Photos appears on the site, the username of the contributor is also displayed. Thus the phrase is repeated and unnecessary.

Please Select . . .  Should always be The First Option (My opinion)

The small  down arrows are nerdish and very hard to see on smaller devices. I prefer Modzzz's approach when dealing with drop-downs by using "Please Select . . " as the first option. This makes it unmistakably clear to the user that there are additional options to choose from.


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  •  Johnk: 
    I agree. I missed that. On a site I maintained for someone else, every member who uploaded photos created a new album using the date. One member had 50 photos in 50 albums, all with a date for the title. These are the annoying problems Boonex programmers caused through bad design.
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  •  Geek_Girl: 
    I would also recommend that instead of defaulting to the date for album name that it is left blank with the required flag enabled. I have a lot of these dates albums on my site because of this default.
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