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No way to cancel an attachment

When attaching multiple files top a forum post the only way to remove one is to cancel the whole post and start again. There should be a way to cancel one file without starting all over with the post. I suggest adding a cancel button.

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  •  Steve: 
    Thank you, that all makes sense. Yes, Facebook has its clear issues. Top of that list is the army of people and bots that they employ to censor everything you say to your family and friends. Cheetah needs to be as good as possible, as soon as possible, because the walk away from Facebook and twitter has started. Smaller, personally owned, forums are a better option for the future. I have tossed my time and efforts in with Cheetah, and it needs to be great out of the box to reach its potential during this shift in how people see their online presence.
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  •  Johnk: 
    This is not quite correct. If you add a file such as item three in your example and you wish to delete it, just click browse again. When the folder dialog appears, just click cancel.
    When you return to the forum post, the Attachments area will say "No File Chosen".Only
    items 1 and 2 will be posted. I agree a "Delete" button would be ideal, but as Deano has
    said, he plans to completely rewrite the forum and making changes to the existing one
    will only waste valuable time. Hey, if you think Dolphin is hard, try using Facebook.
    It's hopeless.
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11.28.2020 (11.28.2020)
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