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Dealing with Adult Content

I have an adult orientated site running on the other platform and I'm slowly porting it across to Cheetah. The site is unique in that the material is essentially for general exhibition, but sometimes a member will post photos that are a bit over the top. It's still within the scope of the site's rules, but they're asked to make those photos "Friends Only". Other members are warned that by becoming a friend with someone, they 'could' be exposed to Adult Content. So far, so good.

Mistakes happen. As all photos are approved by admin, it would be great for admins to be able to see what privacy level the poster has selected for the photo during the approval process and to be able to change it if the privacy level is considered inappropriate.

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  •  Johnk: 

    Another member and I also approached Modzzz and he did indeed create an adult module. Sadly it never came close to what I needed and it was one of my site members who suggested we use the Friends Only approach, which was actually very successful. 

    @Geek_Girl, my situation is possibly a little more complex in that it's not an Adult site as such. Having said that, some members write stories or post photos that are most certainly not for general exhibition.  Each member makes a declaration at the beginning if their profile that states:

    My Photos contain material suitable for General Viewing.
    My Photos contains XXXX or R Rated Material (Requires a Friend Request)

    As the site isn't Facebook orientated, one doesn't become a friend with someone else unless they wish to expose themselves with R rated material.

    I'm very happy with the way it works, but I want to see what albums people are posting photos to when I approve them. This will also help me redirect the dozens of photos incorrectly posted to the Cover album for instance.

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  •  Geek_Girl: 

    To be a bit clearer; a member has an adult page, it is marked as an adult page in their settings.  Another member goes into their settings and check "Block Adult Page."  That is all that is needed done; the adult page owner can upload all they wish and it will be automatically blocked to the member that does not wish to see adult content.  No need to mark individual albums as adult; no worry about forgetting to mark the album as adult.

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  •  Geek_Girl: 

    Back in the days of Yahoo! 360; a member could mark their page as "Adult" and thus all of their content would be blocked if someone did not wish to see "Adult" content.  Nothing else had to be done.  Modzzz developed a module but it was not what I wanted and I had plans to work with him on a better solution but I have so much going on I never did.  I wanted the over-all block that would be set by the member but I thought it would be nice to also allow members to upload content that they could mark; would have to go through the hoop jumping to mark it as general audience, that could then be shown.

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