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Cross Site Blocking

The default member blocking in Dolphin was very limited.  There was a free module in the Boonex market that helped to add cross site member blocking so that all content was blocked when blocking a member.  This required doing code edits in all of the included modules and in third party modules as well.  See  Of course when any updates were done with the included core modules; these code edits had to be installed again.  It would be nice for us to go ahead and have true member blocking in Cheetah that would be a part of the core code base.

This is important for social sites and even for dating sites.  One of the first things asked by my members was that they had blocked a member but the blocked member could still leave comments on their posts.

I don't know the best way to implement this; edit all the modules and include the checking there or have some "hook" that can be called.  I think we should try to work at keeping the size of the complete Cheetah package as small as possible.

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05.18.2020 (05.18.2020)
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