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Cron Job Manager

I am running into an issue helping someone with a Dolphin based site that appears to be related to a cron job running that is generating emails.  This lead me to think about Cheetah cron jobs.  Is there a Cron Job Manager being planned for Cheetah or would that be left to someone generating a module?  Either way is OK with me because I don't think everything should be built into Cheetah; that is the road that UNA is taking, trying to be a Swiss Army Knife.  I am happy with a good solid core and then leave the extras to developers.


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  •  admin: 

    Turns out i was wrong with mine as well. I did a module to monitor the cron jobs, but not a manager module. It was on my todo list for modules but i never got to it.

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  •  Geek_Girl: 

    I checked the Boonex market and could not fine one.

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  •  admin: 

    I had one, and it was my intention to put most of my modules into cheetah. But i am guessing modzzz also has developed one. Just guessing but he seems to have his own version of just about everything i did at one time.

    I may end up leaving it for the module developers so i can focus my efforts on other areas.

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