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Built in editors

What I would like to see is the reliance on third party integration go away, such as: html editors, Embedly editors, IFramely Editors, Photo editing, etc. It would be nice to somehow have something similar integrated with Cheetah. It can easily get expensive these days having to purchase or use there services, which then hurts sites people make, because they can\'t afford such simple additions.

Competitors such as UNA, Dolphin, and a few other rely heavily on you having to go elsewhere to get these mentioned services.

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  •  Johnk: 

    When you say a viewable link, do you mean the kind of viewable links that appear on Facebook when you add a link to a post? Maybe that can be easily done, but I'm not sure.

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  •  Geek_Girl: 

    Reading through the replies and comments I think you need to expand on the original post a bit so we can have a better understanding of what you want to accomplish.  I did have a MySpace page but can't really remember how it all worked.

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  •  JZandreiatti: 

    I'm simply saying. I have 5 sites. One site script has editors built in that allows for adding a viewable link or adding html to a post or new created post. UNA wants you to use a third party service, which will run you about $20 a month or more depending on how much optional features you want to to be able to do such things in your timeline, profile page, groups, etc. Dolphin the module developers were pretty good about creating backend scripts to add to allow such actions, you still had to buy them though. 


    This is where it gets discouraging for the site members, because the site or website owner has to pay for these services which creates a issue. Especially when you pay out for server hosting, modules, and other things that are needed.


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  •  admin: 

    As for more advanced photo and html editing beyond what TinyMCE and the new photo cropper can do, there wont be much more done in that area. Advanced photo and html editing is more complex than you may think. As for embedding photos and videos, i do have additional plans to support embedding from a number of popular photo and video sites.

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  •  Geek_Girl: 

    I think I understand what you mean.  However, writing in-house editors can be a big task.  TinyMCE has been around for a long time and is still in active development.  I don't think you will see an in-house html editor because of the time it would involve.  Photo-editing is the same; just too much time involved and if there is an open source method that will do the job, then I see that being the path taken.

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